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Add salads, appetizers, specialty pizzas,desserts, specialty dessert pizza and sodas

Traditional Catering Service
We really enjoy catering showers, rehearsal dinners, receptions, birthdays and much, much more!  It's hard not to be happy when everyone around us is having a great time.  We understand that some want us to blend versus bold or be casual versus elegant.  What we can't change is the great aroma coming from our wood fired oven or the private pizzeria we bring to create it.  And we aren't just gourmet wood fired pizza, we can provide tasty appetizers, salads and desserts to round out the menu if desired.

We are able to accommodate very large events or small events.  Recently we catered a wedding lunch for over 400 guests using both of our ovens.  Everyone was fed under 75 minutes - during that time we put out over 200 13"-14" pizzas.

We serve buffet style (risers with heat source underneath, napkins, plates, silverware if needed) where we create pizzas given the topping you've chosen or you can specify the pizzas.  Our standard is to do a mix where we start out with a variety based on available toppings and then accept requests for specific topping combination pizzas.  For weddings, the bridal party can make specific requests and whole pizzas will be provided for their table.  If we are providing appetizers, we will create a sampler plate for the bridal party if requested.

If you're interested, the next best step would be to contact us to see if the date is available.  Fill out our contact form with as much information as you have and we typically respond within 24 hours.  If you'd rather talk over the phone - call 412-369-3500 x301 and leave a message for Kim.

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