Food Truck Fridays

Stopped for 2019
Starting again next year

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(currently, you can only pick up orders during Food Truck Fridays)

Come join us for some great wood fired pizza, salads and small plates for carryout every Friday.

Our pizza truck will be in our top parking area making delicious wood-fired pizzas to order.  Come up to the truck's order window to place your order or order online and select your pickup time.


Classic:  Formaggi $9
Our take on the classic red sauce and cheese pizza.  Our red sauce is a fresh, robust Stanislaus Pizzaiolo sauce that is zesty with a great tomato flavor.  Our four cheese topping is a house blend of mozzarella, provolone, Asiago and cheddar.  The combination of cheeses imparts a great flavor that works very well with the red sauce.

Dress this pizza up however you desire by adding one or more toppings from our menu.  We've made every combination you can think of so have this pizza your way.

Classic:  Margherita $10
The Margherita is probably the Italian classic and we think ours is really good.  Our Margherita begins with Stanislaus' Cacciatore sauce and a bit of our house-made garlic Parmesan sauce.  We top this with fresh mozzarella - it only takes ~90 seconds for this pizza to cook - then finish it with fresh basil once it is out of the oven.

While some think it is sacrilege to modify the Margherita, we think if you like it then go for it.  We have used all variations of our toppings menu on the Margherita so don't hold back.

Classic:  Bianco $9
Our take on the classic white pizza is the Bianco and this is a really good white pizza.  It starts with our house-made garlic Parmesan sauce which is then topped with our four cheese blend of mozzarella, provolone, cheddar & Asiago. We also add dried oregano and a healthy drizzle of ricotta cheese before it goes into the oven.  This is an awesome pizza by itself - if you like garlic you will love this pie! 

Like the rest of our classic offerings, the Bianco can be a fantastic base for one or more of our toppings. 

Specialty:  Sting $11
The Sting is a great balance of a little sweet, a lot of savory and a bit of heat combined with creamy.  The base is Stanislaus' Cacciatore sauce with its fresh and slightly sweet tomato flavor. We top it with sliced hot peppers, smoked fresh mozzarella and Parma Sopressata salami. It is definitely a favorite. Like the rest of our offerings, the Sting is great just the way it is, but some people do like to add toppings like onions or mushrooms. 

Specialty:  Buffalo Chicken $11
This pie is so good we added to our everyday menu for people that wanted a protein that wasn't beef or pork.  Our house-made buffalo sauce has a bit of kick, but not too much.  We top it with diced up wood fired chicken breast, our house-made four cheese blend of mozzarella, provolone, cheddar & Asiago and a good sprinkle of blue cheese.  This picture doesn't show it, but we finish the pie with a drizzle of ranch dressing once it is out of the oven.

If you like buffalo wings - you will really like this pizza.  Try it with the ranch drizzle as it is an excellent flavor combination. 

Specialty:  Bloomfielder $11
The Bloomfielder is a combination of our Bianco pizza with fresh baby spinach and sliced Roma tomatoes.  Have it with or without the Ricotta drizzle.  Perfect for the vegetarian or the person avoiding meat on Fridays!  Of course, like all our pies - you can dress it up even more with additional toppings! 

Specialty:  Carnivore $11
Like the name indicates, this pie is for the carnivore of the house. It starts with our Formaggi and then tops up with pepperoni, Italian sausage, thick cut bacon and cut up meatballs.  You may have the urge to hibernate after this pizza, but you'll be smiling. 

Toppings $1/each
We always bring the six classic pizza toppings:

Proteins:  Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Thick Cut Bacon
Vegetables:  Fresh Sliced Mushrooms, Red Onions, Bell Peppers
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