Welcome to Wood Fired Flatbreads
We prepare, cook and serve gourmet pizza from a mobile wood fired oven at your party or corporate event in Pittsburgh and the surrounding region.  We can provide additional courses beyond pizza - great salads, appetizers and desserts - for a more complete dining experience.  We don't just offer great pizza, we offer an exceptional experience as well.

New for 2020 - Slow Smoked Meats
We are expanding our catering menu to include smoked brisket and smoked pulled pork.  In 2019, we perfected our own slow smoked chicken wings and they have been a great addition to the catering menu.  We spent the latter part of 2019 and early 2020 perfecting our recipes for brisket and pork.  The meats are marinated and then injected before we put them in the smoker.  We smoke the brisket and pork for about 1.5hrs per pounds using hickory wood for the brisket and apple wood for the pork shoulder.  The results have been amazing - many thanks to YouTube for providing a wealth of information from Franklin BBQ and All Things BBQ.  Franklin emphasizes trimming before smoking and simple rubs.  All Things BBQ highlights the flavor value of marinating and injecting lean cuts (brisket flat) or really thick cuts (pork shoulder). Definitely consider adding one or more of these to your menu for 2020.

Food Truck Fridays!
We've stopped Food Truck Fridays for the winter.  We want to thank everyone that stopped and bought a pizza (or two or three or five).  Here's some results from the Fridays.

Online ordering was a success to the point quite a few people didn't even get out of their car!  We will probably offer the online ordering at some of our street vending events - especially where some customers may only have 30 minutes for lunch.

We weren't shocked by the popularity results - the Sting was the most popular followed closely by the Buffalo Chicken.  The customers were an even mix of new to repeat.  Some customers that lived nearby stopped every Friday! 

Again, thanks so much to those that stopped buy and picked up pizza. See everyone next season.

Wood Fired Flatbreads story
Is there anything better than fresh hot pizza?  We love it!  It's fun to make and even more fun to eat, so what's not to love?  A couple of years ago, we tasted fresh pizza from a wood fired oven and thought it was the best pizza we've ever had.  Cooking a thin crust pizza at roughly 1000F creates an amazing crispy, yet chewy crust -- and it only takes 90 seconds to cook!   We enjoyed it so much that we wanted to turn this passion into a business and now we are Wood Fired Flatbreads.  We use our mobile pizzeria to cater great pizza right at your backyard, business or event.

Our secret to bringing you great pizza - an old world style pizzeria that's mobile!  Experience the exceptional cuisine that a wood fired oven can deliver.  No pre-baked dough here, fresh is the only way to go.  Our menu is a diverse collection of pizzas - from classics like the Margherita to gourmets like our Vegetariana - the variety enables us to satisfy anyone from vegan to carnivore and everything between.  We can complement our great pizza with fresh salads, delicious desserts and cold or hot drinks.

Wood Fired Flatbreads' corporate mission is to deliver a private chef experience of exceptional pizzas and flatbreads just about anywhere.  We are able to transform our presentation from classy to playful, but we always begin with an elegantly appointed Italian trattoria on wheels.  If you love pizza - call us and we'll bring great pizza to you.

Kim and Kerien Fitzpatrick
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